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Ann Wilson has published articles on the imagery and decoration of neo Gothic Irish churches, the work of the Irish sculptor Seamus Murphy, Arts and Crafts and Revivalism in Catholic Church Decoration, the phenomenon of the Templemore Bleeding Statues in 1920 and the representation of Irish Catholic material culture in fiction. Her current research interests focus mainly on the social role of Revivalist and mass-produced popular Catholic imagery in Ireland, and on the representational and communicative functions of picture postcards in early twentieth-century Ireland.


Edwardian Ireland; popular culture; women; everyday life; visual culture; identity; revival; picture postcards;

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Ann Wilson (Professional Historian)

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Professional Historian



Lecturer in Design History and Visual Culture, Media Communications Department, Crawford College of Art and Design, Cork Institute of Technology.



(2006) [with Dr David Lawrence] The Cathedral of Saint Fin Barre at Cork, William Burges in Ireland, Dublin, Four Courts Press

Book Chapters

(2015) ‘The material and visual culture of the construction of Irish Catholic identity: Saint Colman’s Cathedral, Queenstown, County Cork’ in Material Religion in Modern Britain, edited by Timothy Jones and Lucinda Matthews-Jones, to be published by Palgrave Macmillan 2015.
(2014) ‘Enchantment and power: the bleeding statues of Templemore’, in Emotion, Design and Material Culture, edited by Dr Anna Moran and Dr Sorcha O’Brien, to be published by Bloomsbury in July 2014.
(2007) ‘Seamus Murphy in Paris 1932-33’, in Peter Murray (ed) (2007) Seamus Murphy, Sculptor, 1907-1975, Cork and Kinsale, Crawford Art Gallery and Gandon Editions, pp.26-37

Peer Reviewed Journals

(2015) ‘Constructions of Irishness in a collection of early 20th century picture postcards’, Canadian Journal of Irish Studies.
- (2014) ‘Irish Catholic Fiction of the Early Twentieth Century: The Power of Imagery’, New Hibernia Review, March.
(2013) ‘Arts and Crafts and Revivalism in Catholic Church Decoration: a Brief Duration’, Eire-Ireland, Dec 2013
(2007) ‘Seamus Murphy: a sculptor’s dilemma in mid-twentieth-century Cork’, Artefact, Journal of the Irish Association of Art Historians, Issue 1, Autumn 2007, pp.98-112
(2005) ‘Visions Materialised: The building of St. Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh (1868-1917)’, Thoughtlines 7

Other Journals

(2007) ‘The Gothic Revival in Ireland: St Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh (1868-1916)’, Antiphon, 11.2, 2007, pp. 14-42
(2007) ‘Seamus Murphy: the carver from Cork’, paper published in Forum, Journal of letter Exchange, Issue 13, April 2007, pp. 2-5
(2004)‘The Building of St Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh’, Irish Architectural and Decorative Studies, Vol VII, 2004, pp. 233-265