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The IRA, Irish republicanism, labour and radicalism, 1918 General Election, the 1916 Easter Rising, the Irish revolution and Civil War, trans-national aspects of the Irish revolution, 1969 and the birth of the 'Troubles', class in 20th century Ireland, the Great War and the Irish Revolution, crime in Irish history, the far-right in Ireland, the Blueshirts, Irish America, race and the Irish in America, the Northern Ireland conflict, the impact of the 'Troubles' and the Irish Republic. A booklet I wrote during 2016 on the Easter Rising in Galway and Liam Mellows is available from Teagasc. During 2017 my work appeared in the Atlas of the Irish Revolution (Cork University Press.) in C. McNamara & P. Yeates (Ed) Dublin Lockout 1913 (Irish Academic Press), in Saothar, The Revolution Papers and 'Changed Utterly' the History Ireland special issue on Ireland 1916-18. I also wrote an introduction to 'The Finest Men Alive' a booklet to accompany UCD Archives exhibition relating to prison correspondence, 1916-17. My book on the impact of the Northern Ireland conflict on life in southern Ireland ('Boiling Volcano?') was published by Manchester University Press in August 2018. A chapter on the experience of northern refugees in the Republic during the 1970s also appeared in the edited collection 'The Contested Identities of Ulster Catholics' in July 2018, while an essay on class and republicanism appeared in 'The Treaty: Establishing Irish Independence' published in August. I contributed an essay on socialism and republicanism to a collection in honour of William Walker, published in October 2018.
I am currently writing on trans-national aspects of the Irish struggle for independence 1916-23. During 2019 an article on the IRA's gunrunning networks appeared in the History Ireland Global Irish Revolution special issue, which I also co-edited. My book on the impact of the Northern conflict on southern Ireland was published in paperback by MUP in the autumn of 2019. During 2020 I published articles on Irish trade union leader Mike Quill and on Jews and the Irish Revolution. I am writing a book (to be published in 2022) on the global impact of the Irish struggle for independence. I have also written a short book for a series on crime in Irish history, to be published in 2021. I am writing chapters on dock labourers, seafarers and maritime organising during the Irish Revolution and on the working class and Irish politics for forthcoming collections.


The IRA, Irish republicanism, labour history, 1916, Easter Rising,radicalism, 1969 class, socialist republicanism, Official IRA, Workers Party, Irish Citizen Army, Irish America, Mike Quill, Northern Ireland conflict, Ireland in the 70s, crime commemoration, culture wars, sport history1918 General Election global revolution transnational

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Brian Hanley (Professional Historian)

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Professional Historian



BA: TCD 1997
PhD: TCD 2002


I am Assistant Professor in Twentieth Century Irish History at Trinity College Dublin.
I was Research Fellow at the School of Classics, History and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh, working on the AHRC funded project ‘A Global History of the Irish Revolution, 1916-1923’ until February 2019. I am currently writing on the trans-national aspects of the Irish struggle for independence and am co-editor of History Ireland special edition 'Ireland's Revolution, 1919-21: a Global History'. I have articles forthcoming about Mike Quill for a new collection about Irish communist lives and about Jews and the Irish revolution for Irish Historical Studies. I am also researching crime during the revolutionary period.
I have lectured in history at St. Patrick's College, Drumcondra, the National University of Ireland: Maynooth, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Liverpool, Queens University Belfast, University College Dublin, the Mater Dei Institute of Education and the National College of Ireland. I was Historian in Residence at Dublin City Library and Archives from July-August 2015 researching the 1916 exhibition 'Citizens in Conflict'. I worked on the oral archives connected to the No. 14 Henrietta Street museum project and a number of initiatives relating to the Easter Rising. In the course of 2016 I spoke on various aspects of the Irish revolution to audiences across Ireland and in Bradford and Edinburgh, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Montreal. I also work as a guide for Historical Insights Ltd (Historicaltours.ie). I was historian on the UCD Archives project 'The Finest Men Alive' which dealt with the experiences of Irish republican prisoners and their families in 1916-17; the exhibition went online during July 2017. I was Area Historian for Dublin City Council and Archives, based at Pearse Street, during 2017.


I have taught courses on the society, politics and culture of 19th and 20th century Ireland, on the Irish Revolution and Civil War, on the IRA from 1923-2005, on Ireland and Irish America from 1700, on radicalism in Ireland, on religious division in Ireland and on the Northern Ireland conflict and Peace Process. I have also lectured and tutored on the history of the United States and modern Europe. I am currently teaching on global aspects of the Irish Revolution, the Irish Civil War and the social history of modern Ireland.

Outreach activities

I have participated in discussions on the Second Captain's podcast, RTE's Gunplot, BBC Northern Ireland's Year '21, Three Castles Burning, Eddie's Edge, The Black Eye, Off the Ball, The Irish History Show, RTE Radio One’s Sunday Show, The Late Debate, The History Show and What If?, Today With Pat Kenny and Drivetime, Today FM’s The Last Word, Newstalk FM’s Talking History, Sunday Show and The Right Hook, National Public Radio, WDR Cologne, Near FM’s History Show, Trasna na Tire, Phoenix FM's History Matters, Waterford's WLR and Limerick Live 95 FM. I have contributed to the RTE Thomas Davis Lecture series on ‘The Republic.’ I have appeared on RTE Television’s 'Hidden History: Eoin O’Duffy', 'Green is the Colour' and 'Soccer Republic', on Eir Sport's 'Bloody Sunday', CTV Canada's News, TV3’s 'Tonight with Vincent Browne' and 'Taoiseach', TG4’s 'Ceart agus Coir', Sky News and 'Nazi Collaborators' on the History Channel. I was Historical Consultant on the Akajava Productions documentary 'The Patriot Game' (TG4, March 2007). I have contributed articles on history to the Guardian, Irish Times, Irish Examiner, Irish Independent, United We Stand, Liberty, Fusion and Look Left. I have been a guest speaker at workshops and seminars organized by ex-prisoners organisations, cross-community projects, trade unions and political parties. I am a member of the advisory committee of the West Belfast Connaught Rangers Research Group. I am a member of the Cabra 1916 Rising Committee and have co-authored the publication 'Our Rising: Cabra and Phibsborough in Easter 1916' (November 2015). I also work as a tour guide for Historical Insights Ltd. During 2016 I carried out a a three-part lecture series on 1916 for Dublin City Libraries at Walkinstown, Ballymun, Rathmines and the Illac Centre and spoke on the subject of the Rising at several other branch libraries in the city.

Committees & Associations

I was co-editor (with Sarah-Anne Buckley and Francis Devine) of Saothar 41, (2016) a special edition of the Labour History journal focussing on the 1916 Rising.
Member editorial board History Ireland.
Joint commissioning editor History Ireland, special issue on 1913 Lockout (May/June, 2013).
Commissioning editor History Ireland, special issue on August
1969, (July/August 2009).
Member Irish Labour History Society.


My book with Scott Millar, The Lost Revolution: the Story of the Official IRA and the Workers Party (Penguin Ireland 2009) was awarded the Political Studies Association of Ireland Brian Farrell award in 2010.

Other activities

Public talks and presentations:
• '100 years of partition' History Ireland Hedge School, with Margaret O'Callaghan, Paul Bew and Martin Manseragh.
• 'The impact of the Great War on Ireland's global revolution', Armagh, Banbridge & Craigavon Council, March 2021.
• 'Limerick in the revolutionary decade' History Ireland Hedge School, (with Helen Litton, Tom Toomey & John O'Callaghan), March 2021.
• Newry & Mourne Museum: 'Common Cause against the Common Foe: Ireland's global revolution', February 2021.
• Laois County Library service: '1921: Endgame of the War of Independence' January 2021.
• Irish History Teachers Association, Dublin AGM, November 2020: 'The impact of the Troubles'.
• History Ireland Hedge School, with Siobhán Doyle, Fearghal McGarry and Joe Connell Jr, 'History, Memory and Bloody Sunday, 1920', November 2020.
• History Ireland Hedge School, with Marie Coleman, Brian Walker and Kieran Glennon, 'Belfast and the North, 1920-22'
• History Ireland Hedge School, with May Moran and John Burke, 'The West's Awake' Revolution in Roscommon, 1916-21
• 'Tans and Auxies' at the Fingal Festival of History, Swords Castle, September 2020.
• History Ireland Hedge School with Kate O'Malley, Cécile Gordon and John Gibney on the centenary of the Connaught Rangers Mutiny, June 2020.
• Discussion on Sean Russell with John Flannery on Trasna na Tire, June 2020.
• 'The end of Civil War politics?' Discussion with Eddie O'Sullivan on Eddie's Edge, June 2020.
• 'Republicans and crime' on the Irish History Show podcast, May 2020.
• 'Refugees in the Republic' Discussion with Eddie O'Sullivan on Eddie's Edge podcast, May 2020.
• Panellist, History Ireland Hedge School 'Strikes, Soviets and land seizures', May 2020, with Mary Muldowney, Sarah Anne Buckley and John Cunningham.
• 'The burning of the British embassy' discussion with Donal Fallon on Three Castles Burning podcast, April 2020.
• Panellist, History Ireland Hedge School 'Teaching controversial subjects', Irish Teachers Association conference, Dublin, March 2020 (with Jim Herlhy, Mary McAuliffe and Deirdre Mac Mathúna.
• Discussion with Vincent Browne on the impact of the Troubles during the 1970s, Dublin, February 2020.
• 'Boiling volcano?': the challenges of writing about the impact of the Troubles on the south', Queens University Belfast, February, 2020.
• Panellist (with Mary McAuliffe) discussion on Peter Lennon's 'The Rocky Road to Dublin', Phizzfest, Dublin, January 2020.
• Discussion on the Black and Tans and the RIC with Ken Early on Second Captains, 10 Jan. 2020.
• Panellist (with Lindsay Earner-Byrne & Linda Connolly) 'An inconvenient truth?' Sexual violence and the Irish Revolution' History Ireland Hedge School, National Photographic Archive, Dublin, November 2019.
• 'Something deep was stirring': the impact of August 1969, Drumcondra public library, November 2019.
• Panellist (with Margaret Ward & Emmet O'Connor) 'Labour, the North and the National Question' Conference, Labour, Gender, Class and the Struggle for Irish Independence, NUI Galway, November 2019.
• Panellist (with Theresa Moriarty & Patrick Mahoney) 'The Irish Labour Diaspora and the Struggle for Independence' Conference, Labour, Gender, Class and Independence, NUI Glaway, November 2019.
• 'The Border and the Republic's accession to the EEC', Conference, 'The Future of the Irish Border and the European Union's Role', Castleblayney, Monaghan, October 2019.
• 'Something deep was stirring': the impact of August 1969, Drumcondra public library, October 2019.
• 'Loaded with dynamite: Ireland's global revolution', Dublin Festival of History, Dublin City Library & Archives, October 2019.
• 'The Irish Struggle for Independence', Abbeyleix library, Co. Laois, September 2019.
• History Ireland Hedge School: 'Censorship- then and now', (with Sarah-Anne Buckley and Donal Fallon) Electric Picnic, September 2019.
• 'The Irish Struggle for Independence', Laois County Library History Lecture Series, Portarlington, Co. Laois, August 2019.
• Panellist (with Mary McAuliffe, Sharon Crozier-De Rosa & Senia Paseta), 'The personal and the political in Irish history and historiography' Activist Histories of Ireland Conference, Oxford, July 2019.
• 'The Irish and the Jews have a good deal in common': Irish republicans, anti-Semitism and the post-war world', Global Irish Revolution workshop, University of Edinburgh, June 2019.
• 'Something deep was stirring': the impact of August 1969 on the Republic', Conference 1969: the Outbreak of the Troubles in Northern Ireland' QUB, Belfast, June 2019.
• Participant (with Jim Slaven, Liz Gillis and Donal Fallon) at SIPTU Mayfest 2019: songs and stories in honour of James Connolly.
• 'Militants and rebels' panellist (with Charlie Maguire, Sean Donnelly and Tim Ellis) at the 'Pints and Politics' discussion at the Teesside Irish Festival, Stockon-on-Tees, May 2019.
• 'From Baginbun to Brexit' 850 Years of oppression?' History Ireland Hedge School, Dublin, May 2019.
• 'A celebration of the First Dáil' Mansion House, Dublin, January 2019.
• Panelist, 'The 1918 General Election and the break-up of the United Kingdom' (with Sonja Tiernan, Ewen Cameron & Alvin Jackson) University of Edinburgh, December 2018.
• Panelist, Richard Grayson's 'Dublin's Great Wars' launch and discussion, Falls Road Library, Belfast, December 2018.
• '1918: from Ballots to Bullets' History Ireland Hedge School (with Niamh Puirseil and Liz Gillis) National Photographic Archive, Dublin, December 2018.
• 'Civil rights internationally and the crisis of the Sixties' Fellowship of Messines, Shankill Road, Belfast, December 2018.
• 'The Conscription Crisis 1918: the nail in the coffin?' Countess Markievicz Memorial Lecture, Irish Association for Industrial Relations, Dublin, November 2018.
• 'We shall overcome': civil rights 1968 from Memphis to Derry' Seán O'Casey centre, East Wall, Dublin, November 2018.
• '1918: political earthquake or same old same old?' History Ireland Hedge School, Ballyshannon, Co. Donegal, November 2018 (with Padriac Travers, Brian Walker and Margaret O'Callaghan).
• 'Shake hands with the Devil' CCA, Glasgow, October 2015.
• 'Boiling volcano? the South responds to the Northern Troubles' Cabra public library, Dublin, September 2018.
• '1918: Ireland united or divided?' Tallaght public library, Dublin, September 2018.
• 'The most important city': Liverpool and the Irish Revolution' Port and Maritime History conference, Liverpool, September 2018.
• Participant in discussion on 'Dealing with conflict legacy in the Republic of Ireland, 1969-1998', National University of Ireland, Dublin, September 2018.
• Participant in History Ireland Hedge School (with John Horne, Jennifer Wellington and John Gibney), '1918: the New World Order', Electric Picnic, Stradbally, Co. Laois, September 2018.
• 'The Negro peoples are beginning to realise their powers …' Global Irish Revolution workshop, Belfast, June 2018.
• 'Very dangerous places': the IRA and the post-war underworld', American Conference for Irish Studies, Cork, June 2018.
• 'James Connolly and the 1916 Rising' Glasgow, June 2018.
• 'The 1918 General Election: Ireland united or divided?' Centenaries & Citizenship Project, Belfast, June 2018.
• 'Connolly: socialist and soldier' James Connolly 150 conference, Edinburgh, June 2018.
• '1968: Ireland then and now' at 'Realising utopia, 1968' conference, Limerick, May 2018.
•'You will still break stone: power and the state': new approaches to Irish Revolutionary History', Trinity College Dublin, May 2018.
• 'The role of the Catholic Church': 'Anti-Conscription Conference, 100 Years On', Mansion House, Dublin, April 2018.
• 'The end of British rule in the not too distant future': republicans and Civil Rights', Remembering 1968 event, Queens University Belfast, March 2018.
• 'The 1918 General Election': lecture at Peoples College, Dublin, March 2018.
• Panellist, History Ireland Hedge School on John Redmond (with Martin O'Donoghue & Dermot Meleady), Athlone, March 2018.
• 'The other minority: southern Protestants and the early years of the Northern Ireland conflict'; University of Edinburgh, Modern Irish History seminar series, January 2018.
• Panellist, discussion 'Lessons of the Russian Revolution' Kevin McMahon memorial lecture, Liberty Hall, Dublin, November 2017.
• 'Red scares and rebels: Communism and Ireland, 1917-1937', City Hall, Dublin, October 2017.
• 'Collective Reminiscing: the Tenement Museum's Ongoing Oral History Project' at Henrietta Street/Hentown: from Georgian beginnings to tenement living', Dublin, October 2017.
• ''The layers of an onion': labour, class and post-Rising Ireland' at conference 'The death of political pluralism? Ireland after the Rising, 1916-18' Glasnevin Museum, September 2017.
• Panelist, History Ireland Hedge School, Electric Picnic, September 2017, 'The Bolshevik Revolution, 100 hundred years on: the dustbin of history?'
• 'Women of the poorer class': Women and the Irish Revolution conference, Dublin, September 2017.
• 'The radical thirties' at Shankill Road library, Belfast, August 2017.
• 'Irish republicans and sport since 1923' at GAA museum Summer School, Croke Park, June 2017.
• Three lecture series on the Irish Revolution, 1917-23 at Dublin Central Library and Archive, June 2017.
• 'The IRA in the twilight years' Raheny, Pembroke, Rathmines, Central and Ballymun libraries, April 2017.
• 'The Life and Times of Charlie Donnelly' Dundalk and the International Brigades, Dundalk, March 2017.
• 'Labour after 1916' People's College, Dublin, February 2017.
• 'Boiling volcano: North and South in the 70s' Centre for Contemporary History, TCD, February 2017.
• 'The Rising and its aftermath in Phibsborough and Glasnevin 1916-17' Glasnevin Museum, January 2017.
• 'Reflections on the Centenaries' Old Athlone Society, Athlone, January 2017.
• 'Tuppence hapenny looking down on tuppence?' Class and the Second Dáil' Workshop on the Treaty debates, NUI, Dublin, Nov. 2016.
• Panellist: 'All changed? Ireland 1917-1918' History Ireland Hedge School, National Library of Ireland, Dublin, November 2016.
• Panellist: 'Keeping their heads down? Protestants in independent Ireland' History Ireland Hedge School, Allingham festival, Ballyshannon, November 2016.
• 'The IRA, Republican Congress and the Blueshirts: a reappraisal' Ireland and the Spanish Republic conference, Dublin, October 1916.
• 'James Connolly and Margaret Skinnider': Monaghan Signatories', Carrickmacross, Castleblayney and Monaghan, October 2016.
• 'Richard O'Carroll, labour and 1916', Finglas library, Dublin, September 2016.
• 'Shared history?': at 'Reframing 1916: History and Legacies of the Easter Rising' symposium, School of Canadian Irish Studies, Concordia University, Montreal, September 2016.
• History Ireland Hedge School, Electric Picnic, Stradbally, Co. Laois 'The Somme- heroic sacrifice or senseless slaughter?' (with Eamonn McCann, Jason Burke, Jennifer Wellington and John Gibney), September 2016.
• '1916: Irishmen for and against the Empire', Féile an Phobail, Belfast, August 2016.
• 'The layers of an onion': class and the memory of the Irish Revolution', Parnell Summer School, Avondale, Co. Wicklow, August 2016.
• 'The cause of Ireland is the cause of Labour': OPW lecture series 'Who fears to speak of Easter Week?', Desmond Castle, Newcastle West, Co. Limerick, July 2016.
• 'Liam Mellows and the Irish Revolution' Teagasc, Farming and Country Life 1916 Festival, Athenry, Galway, June 2016.
• 'Shared history? Reflections on war and revolution' Goldsmith International Literary Festival, Ballymahon, Co. Longford, June 2016.
• 'The Proclamation': Proclaim Again 2016, Nenagh, Tipperary, May 2016.
• 'Ireland, Africa, War and Empire': Africa Centre annual lecture, Dublin, May 2016.
• '1916 in Phibsborough': 1916 in Our Street, MPM Residents event, Palmerston Place, Dublin 7, May 2016.
• '1916 around Grangegorman': DIT Grangegorman local schools exhibition, April 2016.
• 'The men and women of 1916': Coláiste Mhuire, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath, April 2016.
• 'Dublin before the Rising' Ballymun Adult Read and Write Scheme, 1916 Commemorative event, Ballymun, April 2016.
• 'In the face of the world': the Easter Rising' Comóradh 16 lecture, Bradford City Hall, April 2016.
• 'The rebels of Cabra and Phibsborough' at 'Easter Rebellion 1916' a day of events organised by Cabra 1916 Rising Committee and East Wall History Group, City Hall, Dublin, April 2016.
• 'Dublin and Belfast in 1916: two cities, two Irelands?': Ballyfermot, Raheny and Coolock public libraries, April 1916.
• 'Shake Hands with the Devil': Filmhouse, Edinburgh, March 2016.
• 'Remembering War and Revolution', Castledermot Local History Group, Co. Kildare, March 2016.
• 'The Rebels and the Rabble: inner-city Dubliners and the Rising', RTE Reflecting the Rising, Dublin, March 2016.
• 'Cabra and Phibsborough in 1916' Cabra Library, Dublin, March 2016.
• 'The revolution betrayed?' Jacobin 1916 launch, Workers Republic conference, Dublin, March 2016.
• Guest speaker, Irish American Labor Coalition St. Patrick's Day breakfast, Manhattan, New York, March 2016.
• Guest speaker, Transport Workers Union Local 100's Mike Quill/James Connolly commemoration, Brooklyn, New York, March 2016.
• Panellist, History Ireland Hedge School, 'Jack Duggan's War' All Saint's Church, Phibsborough, March 2016.
• Panellist, 'The relevance of James Connolly' Five Lamps Festival, Marino College Dublin, March 2016.
• 'Cabra & Phibsborough in 1916', St. Dominic's College, Cabra, March 2016.
• 'Dublin in 1916': Reviewing the Rising, Dublin City Library & Archive, February 2016.
• 'Dublin Burning: three lectures on 1916': 'On the Eve' 'Thank God we have lived to see this day' & 'Who fears to speak': Dublin City Library service, Central, Rathmines, Walkinstown and Ballymun branches, February-March 2016.
• 'The Irish Citizen Army': 'People Remembering People' The People's College Remembers 1916, Dublin, January 2016.
• 'Labour and Easter Week' 1916 in Context, conference, St. Patrick's College, Dublin City University, January 2016.
• 'The Ireland of our ideals: Republicans and Separatists in 1916' Proclaiming the Revolution conference, National University of Ireland Galway, January 2016.
• 'Commemoration and its discontents', MA SPACE, Limerick Institute of Technology, November 2015.
• 'Who fears to speak?' Newcastle Historical Society conference, 'Changed utterly', Newcastle, Co. Tipperary, October 2015.
• Panellist, (with Padraig Yeates and Emmet O'Connor) 'Connolly: socialist and soldier' Irish Labour History Society conference, October 2015.
• 'Boiling volcano' the south responds to the Northern 'Troubles', St. Patrick's DCU History Society, October 2015.
• Panellist, 'The beautiful game or the garrison game: League of Ireland football', Dublin Festival of History, September 2015 (with Ciaran Priestly, Cormac Moore and Donal Fallon).
• Panellist, 'Charlie: the Hedge School'; Electric Picnic, September 2015 (with Donal Fallon, Martin Manseragh and Colm Keena).
• 'Who fears to speak of Easter Week?' Newcastlewest, Co. Limerick, August 2015.
• 'Who fears to speak of Easter Week?' Listowel, Co. Kerry, August 2015.
• Panellist, '1916: Well-planned revolt or violent fiasco?' History Ireland Hedge School, (with Lorcan Collins and Ruan O'Donnell), Byrne-Perry Summer School, Wexford, June 2015.
• 'Dublin and the Easter Rising' Dublin City Library, Iilac Centre, May, 2015.
• 'Dublin and the Easter Rising' Dublin City Library, North Strand, May, 2015.
• 'Are we trying to create a new Chile here'? The Sunday World versus the National Coalition' at 'Ireland: a peculiar society' conference, NUI Galway, April 2015.
• Panellist, (with Sarah Anne Buckley and Tom Inglis) History Ireland Hedge School, 'Ireland in the 1970s' at Mechanics Institute, Galway, April 2015.
• 'Blueshirts, the Christian Front and the Right in Ireland', International Brigades Commemoration Committee, Annual Lecture, Belfast, 2015.
• Panelist, (with Fergal McCluskey, Joe Law & Sally Campbell) 'Whose History': Commemorating the 'Great War' in an age of Shock and Awe' Belfast Working Class History Group, Belfast, February, 2015.
• 'Our minority': southern Protestants and the early years of the Northern Ireland conflict', Centre for Contemporary History, TCD, January 2015.
• 'Alicia Brady, class and the memory of 1913': SIPTU and Young Workers Network, Alicia Brady commemoration, Dublin, December 2014.
• 'Researching history from below: class and crime' Limerick Institute of Technology, SPACE MA, December 2014.
• 'Dublin and World War One' History Ireland Hedge School, National Library of Ireland, November 2014. (with Ann Matthews, David Fitzpatrick and Padraig Yeates).
• '80th Anniversary of the Republican Congress' (with Tommy McKearney), Peadar O'Donnell Socialist Republican forum, Dublin, November 2014.
• 'Irish workers and World War One' SIPTU Public Administration and Community Division conference, November 2014.
• 'James Connolly and the World War' Irish Labour History Society conference, November 2014.
• 'Ireland and World War One: Look Back in Anger' John Boyle O'Reilly Autumn School, Drogheda, October 2014.
• 'Dublin and World War One' Stoneybatter and Smithfield Street Stories Festival, September 2014.
• 'The most popular of all cross-channel clubs in this country', Sports History Ireland conference, Dublin, September 2014.
• 'Limerick in the 1930s', Limerick International Brigades Trust Symposium, September 2014.
• 'The ideology of remembrance: Ireland and World War One'; (with Michael Quinn) Desmond Greaves School, Dublin, September 2014.
• History Ireland Hedge School, 'World War One: Great War or good war?' with John Horne, Ed Madigan and John Gibney, Electric Picnic, August 2014.
• 'Inter-imperialist war, 1914-1918: not a noble cause', discussion hosted by Communist Party of Ireland, Dublin, July 2014.
• 'Nationalism in 1914' The 6th Connaught Rangers: Belfast nationalists and the Great War seminar, Collins Barracks, Dublin, June 2014.
• ‘Class and the memory of 1913’ Conference organised by Derry Trades Council, Derry, December, 2013.
• ‘The Citizen Army in context 1913-1935’ ‘Red Fenians or Green Bolsheviks? Conference to mark the Centenary of the Irish Citizens Army, National Museum of Ireland, Dublin, November 2013.
• Panellist, (with Niamh Puirseil, Ann Matthews and Donal Fallon), Look Left Forum, 'Reflections on the Lockout Centenary', Dublin, November 2013.
• ‘The story of the Irish Citizens Army’ Smithfield and Stonybatter History Group, November 2013.
• The Tómas MacGiolla Lecture, ‘From Lockout to Bailout’, Nenagh, September 2013.
• ‘The impact of the 1913 Lockout’, National Gallery of Ireland, September 2013.
• Panellist, ‘JFK in Ireland: Style or Substance?’ History Ireland Hedge School, Electric Picnic, September 2013.
• ‘John Redmond, Home Rule and the Irish Volunteers’ Centenery Events Remembered, Belfast, August 2013.
• Panellist, ‘The 1913 Lockout’ History Ireland Hedge School, Dun Laoghaire 1913-2013 Weekend, August 2013.
• Panellist, ‘What happened to the Citizen Army?’ Byrne-Perry Summer School, July 2013.
• ‘1913: the Lockout and beyond’ Psychiatric Nurses Association conference, Galway, April 2013.
• ‘Frank Aiken and the IRA’ Frank Aiken: Nationalist and Internationalist, Conference, Liverpool Hope University, March 2013.
• ‘Attitudes to the IRA in southern Ireland, 1969-1998’ History Seminar series, NUI Maynooth, March 2013.
• ‘‘Remember Belfast’ The 1935 anti-Protestant outrages in the Irish Free State,’ UCD History Society, March 2013.
• ‘'The 1913 Lockout', Sinn Féin, 100th anniversary of the Lockout conference, Dublin, March 2013.
• ‘The good old IRA’ Irish nationalists respond to the Provisional IRA’s armed struggle’, Political Studies Association of Ireland conference, Derry, October, 2012.
• Panellist, History Ireland Hedge School, ‘Home Rule’, Dublin, October 2012.
• ‘A fair trail of destruction’: the GAA confronts hooliganism’, Sports History Ireland Conference, University College Cork, September 2012.
• Debate ‘Patriot war or sectarian strife: Ireland 1920-22’ John Boyle O’Reilly summer school, Drogheda, July 2012.
• Discussion (with Matt Treacy) 'New Perspectives on Republicanism during the 1960s', Ireland Institute, Dublin, 2012.
• ‘The South is in the mood for violence’: Bloody Sunday 1972 Department of History seminar, University College Dublin, March 2012.
• Panellist, History Ireland Hedge School, ‘The Enigma of Frank Ryan’ Jameson Dublin International Film Festival, February 2012.
• The Reaction to Bloody Sunday (1972) in the Republic of Ireland, Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool, February 2012.
• ‘The South is in the mood for violence’ Bloody Sunday 1972, School of History Research Seminars, University College Cork, 2011.
• ‘War of Independence, Partition and Civil War’ Centenary Events Remembered, ex-prisoners project, Coleraine, 2011.
• Panellist, ‘No Sex in Ireland until Radio Telifis Eireann’ 50 Years of RTE, History Ireland Hedge School, ‘Phizzfest’ 2011.
• Panellist, ‘The IRA and the Nazis’ History Ireland Hedge School, Electric Picnic, Laois, 2011.
• ‘August 1967: the IRA looks to the future’, The London Irish Studies Seminar Symposium, King’s College, London, 2011.
• ‘The Irish Revolution, 1916-1921’ Drogheda Cross-Border Project, Drogheda, 2011.
• ‘Labour during the Irish Revolution’ Labour Party May Day conference, Drogheda, 2011.
• ‘The nation on the march’? The reaction to Bloody Sunday (1972) in southern Ireland, Humanities Seminar Series, St. Patrick’s College, DCU, 2011.
• Panellist, ‘What happened to the Irish Citizen Army?’ History Ireland Hedge School, SIPTU May Day Weekend, Athy, Co. Kildare, 2011.
• Panellist, ‘Loyalist-Republican Interfaces: the Road to the Peace Process’ conference, School of Politics, Queens University Belfast, 2011.
• Panellist, ‘The Challenges of Contemporary History’ Irish Historical Society, 2011.
• Debate: 'Would a socialist republic solve our problems?' Republican Congress, Belfast, 2010.
• ‘Terror in Twentieth Century Ireland’, Trinity History Workshop, 2010.
• ‘Then they started all this killing’ Attitudes to the IRA in southern Ireland, 1970-1998’ Ireland Since 1966 conference, UCD, 2010.
• ‘Home Rule’, Ireland 1912-1916: Centenary Events Remembered, Ex-prisoners project, Coleraine, 2010.
• Panellist, Oral History Roundtable, Department of History, UCD, 2010.
• Panellist, Symposium, ‘40th Anniversary of the Birth of the Provisional IRA’, School of Politics, Queens University Belfast, 2009.
• Discussion (with Mick Ryan) 'Remembering 1969: History and Memory' Greaves Summer School, Dublin, 2009.
• ‘Was 1916 a Blood Sacrifice?’ Seán MacDiarmada Summer School, Kiltyclogher, Co. Leitrim, 2009.
• ‘Republicanism and sport since 1921’ ‘For Community, Club, County and Country’ Conference celebrating 125 years of the GAA, Armagh, 2009.
• ‘Researching the Official republican movement’, Department of History, University College Cork, 2009.
• ‘The Workers Party, 1982-1992’ Irish Political Studies Association Symposium, Dublin, 2008.
• ‘The IRA and August 1969 reassessed’ Irish Political Studies Association Conference, Galway, 2008.
• ‘I Ran Away?’ The IRA and 1969.’ TCD, Research Seminars in Contemporary Irish History, 2008.
• ‘Left-wing republicanism in the United States: the case of the Irish Republican Clubs 1970-1981’, Irish Association for American Studies Conference, NUI Maynooth, 2008.
• ‘Army of the People’ A new look at the IRA of the 1960s’ Ulster Society for Irish Historical Studies, Queens University Belfast, 2008.
• ‘Researching the Official Republican Movement’ Irish Studies Seminar, Institute of English Studies, University of London, 2008.
'The 1970 Springboks tour and local politics in Limerick' Rathkeale Historical Society, Limerick, 2008.
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