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I am manager of the Irish Family History Foundation and teach history part-time in Maynooth University.

Areas of expertise

Early modern Ireland, local history, genealogy.

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Brendan Scott

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Professional Historian



Taught and researched at NUI Galway, Maynooth University, St Angela's College, Sligo, Dundalk IT, Trinity College Dublin and Cavan Genealogy.
Research Officer at Cavan County Museum, 2006-2009.

Consultancy work

Undertaken a number of research projects for the Ulster Historical Foundation, Cavan County Council, Cavan Genealogy, Loreto College Cavan and the Ulster Local History Trust.

Management & Administrative experience

Manager of the Irish Family History Foundation, a conglomeration of 32 genealogy centres on the island of Ireland, and its associated website, http://www.rootsireland.ie.


Taught modules on the following subjects in a number of third level institutions:
Ireland, 1014-1400;
Ireland, 1400-1603;
Ireland, 1485-1603;
Ireland, 1509-1691;
Ireland, 1603-1800;
Politics and society in early modern Ireland;
Maps and mapping;
Early modern Europe;
The history of European towns;
European imperialism;
Museum studies.

Outreach activities

Organise public lecture series for Cumann Seanchais Bhreifne and edit their annual journal, Breifne.
Spoken to numerous local history societies in Ireland.
Organised weekend community events in Fenagh, County Leitrim, and Knockninny, County Fermanagh, based around manuscripts which originated in those areas.

Committees & Associations

Committee member of Cumann Seanchais Bhreifne;
Former director of the Ulster Local History Trust.


Awarded a grant from the Moore Institute, NUI Galway, 2019.
Awarded a travel grant by Creative Ireland, 2019.



• Belturbet, County Cavan 1610-1714: the origins of an Ulster Plantation town (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2020).
• (with Liam Kelly), Loreto College Cavan, 1930-2013 (Cavan: Cumann Seanchais Bhreifne, 2013).
• (with William Roulston), The charter towns of Ulster, 1613-2013 (Belfast: Ulster Historical Foundation, 2013) [material presented in booklet, pocket map and exhibition formats].
• (Prepared for publication with an introduction), Robert Hunter, The Ulster Port Books, 1612-15 (Belfast: Ulster Historical Foundation, 2012).
• Farnham: images from the Maxwell Estate, Co. Cavan (Bray: Wordwell Books, 2010).
• Cavan 1609-53: plantation, war and religion (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2007).
• Religion and reformation in the Tudor diocese of Meath (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2006).


• Society and administration in Ulster’s Plantation towns (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2019).
• (with Liam Kelly), Leitrim: History & Society (Dublin: Geography Publications, 2019).
• (with Raymond Gillespie), The Books of Knockninny: manuscripts, culture and society in early eighteenth-century Fermanagh (Cavan: Cumann Seanchais Bhreifne, 2019).
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• Cavan town 1610-2000: a brief history (Cavan: Cavan County Council, 2012).
• Culture and society in early modern Breifne/Cavan (Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2009).

Book Chapters

• ‘Famine and poverty in late-medieval in early-modern Ireland’ in Christine Kinealy & Gerard Moran (eds), Irish famines before and after the Great Hunger (Quinnipiac University Press, 2020), pp 3-18.
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Peer Reviewed Journals

• ‘Commodities and the import trade in early Plantation Ulster’ in Irish Economic and Social History (published online 25 October 2020; forthcoming in print, 2021).
• ‘Select document: petition of the inhabitants of Cavan to the lord deputy and council, 8 July 1629’ in Irish Historical Studies, 43 (163) (2019), pp 111-25.
• ‘Bishop William Bedell and the “humble petition” of the Protestant laity and clergy in Cavan, 1633’ in Studia Hibernica, 45 (2019), pp 53-67.

Other Journals

• ‘Sir Stephen Butler and other inhabitants of early Plantation Belturbet’ in Breifne, 54 (2019), pp 413-26.
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Various reviews in Breifne, Irish Historical Studies, Sixteenth-Century Journal, Studia Hibernica, History Ireland, Irish Archives.