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Coleman A. Dennehy (Professional Historian)

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Professional Historian



1999 B.A. (General history)
2002 M.Litt. (Parliamentary political history)
2011 Ph.D. (Legal, administrative, parliamentary history)
2013 LL.M. (Criminology & criminal justice)

Committees & Associations

Member – International Commission for the History of Representative & Parliamentary Institutions

Member – Irish Historical Studies



- 2004 History Matters – Published papers from the UCD Combined Departments of History Postgraduate Conference – 2001-3 (Dublin, 2004) – Co-Editor with M.S. O’ Neill & C. Cullen

– 2008 Restoration Ireland: Always Settling and Never Settled (Aldershot, 2008), ed.

Book Chapters

- 2004 ‘Petitioning in the Irish Parliament: The evidence from 1661-6’ in M.S. O’ Neill, C. Cullen, & C.A. Dennehy, History Matters – Published papers from the UCD Combined Departments of History Postgraduate Conference – 2001-3 (Dublin, 2004)

– 2008 ‘The Restoration Irish Parliament, 1661-6’, in C.A. Dennehy, ed., Restoration Ireland: Always Settling and Never Settled (Aldershot, 2008)

– 2011 ‘Privilege, organisation and aristocratic identity in the seventeenth-century Irish house of lords’ in Francesco Soddu & Annamari Nieddu (eds), Assemblee rappresentative, autonomie territoriali, culture politiche (Sassari, 2011)

– 2012 ‘Sir Winston Churchill and Restoration Ireland’, in R. McNamara (ed.) The Churchills and Ireland: Connections and Controversies from the 1660s to the 1960s (Dublin, 2012)

Peer Reviewed Journals

- 2009 ‘Dependency and subservience: The Irish parliament as a ‘small-state parliament’ – Czasopismo Prawno-Historyczne, 61 / 2 (2009)

– 2010 ‘Speakers in the seventeenth-century Irish parliament’ in P. Seaward (ed.) The Speakership: Presiding officers and the management of business from the middle ages to the twenty-first century (Oxford, 2010) (Published as a special edition of Parliamentary History)

– 2010 ‘Surviving sources for Irish parliamentary history in the seventeenth century’ in Parliaments, Estates & Representation, 30/2010

Other Journals

- 2000 ‘An inconvenient institution – parliament and the court of claims, 1663’ – History Review vol. xi

– 2001 History Review vol xii – Co-Editor with N. Giffney

– 2002 History Review vol xiii – Co-Editor with N. Giffney


- 2005 Lord Broghill and the Cromwellian Union with Ireland and Scotland (Woodbridge, 2004) by Patrick Little. History Review

– 2006 Parliament at Work: Parliamentary Committees, Political Power and Public Access in Early Modern England (Woodbridge, 2002), ed. Kyle, C.R., & Peacey, J. History Review

– 2009 Government, war and society in medieval Ireland: Essays by Edmund Curtis, A.J. Otway-Ruthven and James Lydon (Dublin, 2008), ed P. Crooks in Parlements, États & Représentation

– 2012 A short history of parliament: England, Great Britain, The United Kingdom, Ireland and Scotland (Woodbridge, 2009), ed Clyve Jones in Scottish Historical Review

– 2012 The eighteenth-century composite state: Representative institutions in Ireland and Europe, 1689 – 1800 (Basingstoke, 2010), ed D.W. Hayton, J. Kelly, & J. Bergin in Parliaments, Estates & Representation

– 2013 Contempt of parliament (Dublin, 2012), by Kieron Wood in Parliaments, Estates & Representation

– 2014 The life and times of Sir Frederick Hamilton, 1590-1647 (Dublin, 2013) in Irish Historical Studies