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I hold a Ph.D in History from the University of Limerick (UL – 2007). I also hold a BA in History, Political Science and Sociology from NUI Galway (2002), a H.Dip.Ed. from University College Dublin (2003) and an MA in History from UL (2004).
I currently work as a Historical Researcher for the Department of Children and Youth Affairs on a confidential historical research project.
My first monograph, Ireland's 'moral hospital': the Irish borstal system, 1906-1956 was published in 2009 by Irish Academic Press. My second monograph, Criminal Irish Drunkards in the Inebriate Reformatory System, 1900-1920 was published by The History Press in December 2014.
My third monograph, Mutiny or Murder, an account of a disastrous 1817 convict voyage between Cork and New South Wales – was published by The History Press Ireland in mid-2018.
I now work full-time as a self-employed freelance Copy-Editor and Indexer.

Areas of expertise

Juvenile criminality and its punishment in twentieth century Ireland; the Irish penal system 1877-1921; social history of early twentieth-century Ireland; gender and drunkenness in Ireland 1900-1920; institutions in twentieth-century Ireland.


juvenile crime; punishment; penal history; prison history; institutions; habitual criminal; habitual drunkard; borstal system; inebriate reformatory; social history; women's history; gender history; indexer; indexing; copy-editing; copy-editor.

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Conor Reidy (Professional Historian)

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Professional Historian



Mutiny or Murder: the bloodsoaked voyage of the Chapman convict ship (The History Press; Dublin, June 2018).

Criminal Irish Drunkards: the inebriate reformatory system in Ireland 1900-1920 (The History Press; Dublin, December 2014).

Ireland’s ‘Moral Hospital: The Irish borstal system, 1906-1956 (Irish Academic Press; Dublin, November 2009).

Book Chapters

‘The most dangerous, reckless, passionate … period of their lives’: the Irish borstal offender, 1906–192’, in Catherine Cox and Susannah Riordan (eds), Adolescence in Modern Irish History: innocence and experience (London: Palgrave Studies in the History of Childhood, 2015).

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‘Loose and immoral lives’: prostitution and the female criminal inebriate in Ireland, 1900-18’, in Jennifer Redmond, Sonja Tiernan, Sandra McAvoy and Mary McAuliffe, Sexual Politics in Modern Ireland (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2015), pp. 53-72.

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