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I am an Associate Lecturer in History with the Open University in Ireland teaching modules on Modern European History and European Imperialism.

Areas of expertise

I have a research interest in the Irish Experience in America in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with a particular focus on the development of Irish American Nationalism.


Irish emigration, Irish diaspora, Irish-American nationalism, Modern Europe.

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Dr. Michael Doorley

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Professional Historian



BA: University College Dublin, 1983
Higher Diploma in Adult and Community Education: St. Patrick's College Maynooth, 1985
MA in History: University of New Orleans/Louisiana State University, 1987
PhD: University of Illinois at Chicago, 1995


Associate Lecturer, Open University, 1994-Present.

Committees & Associations

American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS)

Newspaper and Periodical History Forum of Ireland



Irish American Diaspora Nationalism: The Friends of Irish Freedom, 1916-1935, Four Courts Press, Dublin, 2005.
Justice Daniel Cohalan, 1865-1946: American patriot and Irish-American nationalist, Cork University Press, Cork, 2019.

Book Chapters

‘The Gaelic American and the shaping of Irish-American Opinion, 1903-1914’ in Probing the Past: Festschrift in Honour of Leo Schelbert. Edited by Wendy Everham, (Peter Lang, New York. 2015).
‘Daniel Cohalan and American Involvement in the 1916 Rising’, in Ireland’s Allies: America and the 1916 Rising. Edited by Miriam Nyhan. (UCD Press, Dublin 2016).
‘The Friends of Irish Freedom and the Irish Revolution’, in: The Atlas of the Irish Revolution, eds, J. Crowley, D. O’Drisceoil and M. Murphy, Cork University Press. September, 2017.

Peer Reviewed Journals

'Irish Catholics and French Creoles: Ethnic Struggles within the Catholic Church in New Orleans, 1835-1920,' Catholic Historical Review, January, 2001
‘Judge Daniel Cohalan: A Nationalist Crusader against British Influence in American Life’, New Hibernia Review, Volume 19, No.2. Summer 2015,

Other Journals

'The Friends of Irish Freedom: A case study in Irish-American nationalism, 1916-21’, History Ireland, Vol.16, No. 2, March/April 2008.
‘The Judge’ versus ‘The Chief’ –Daniel Cohalan and the 1920 Split within Irish America. History Ireland, Vol. 23, No.2, March/April 2015
'Irish American Diaspora Nationalism and the Foundation of the Friends of Irish Freedom', in The Recorder: The Journal of the American Irish Historical Society, Vol. 18, Nos. 1&2, Fall 2005.


Review article on John M. Hearne and Rory T. Cornish (eds), Thomas Francis Meagher: The Making of an Irish American in The Recorder: The Journal of the American Irish Historical Society, Volume 18, No.1, Summer 2006.