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Dr. Jeffrey Leddin (Professional Historian)

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Professional Historian



2013 – 2016: PhD in History (University of Limerick)

2011-2013: Transferral from M.A. (Research) to PhD in History (Research) programme (University of Limerick)

2007- 2011: Bachelor of Arts in English and History (First Class Honours) (University of Limerick)

Other activities

Conference papers:
“We stand solid for an Irish workers’ republic’: the Irish Citizen Army after the Easter Rising’ presented to the 28th Desmond Greaves Annual School (Dublin)
“They fought in the one common cause” ICA and IRA relations, 1916-21’ presented to the 15th International Conference of the Spanish Association for Irish Studies (University of Zaragoza, Spain)
“Who fears to speak of Easter Week?’: Public history, the act or remembrance, and the Easter Rising commemorations’ presented to the Agents through Time: How Do People “Make History”? Social Psychological & Historical Research into Collective Memories, Social Identities & Intergroup Relations’ COST Conference (University of Limerick)
‘The Irish Citizen Army and Easter 1916’ presented to the Limerick and 1916 Symposium (Hunt Museum, Limerick)
‘The Irish Citizen Army and the War of Independence’ presented to the 66th Irish History Students Association (National University Ireland, Galway)

‘Home Rule, Advanced Nationalists, and the pre-constitutional Citizen Army’ presented to the Newport History Society (Newport)
‘The Irish Citizen Army in 1915’ presented to the Universities Ireland Conference (Trinity College Dublin)
‘Green Phoenix: martial development within the Irish Citizen Army, 1914’ presented to the 65th Irish History Students Association (University of Limerick)
‘Seeds of Unity: Irish Citizen Army and Irish Volunteer relations in 1914’ presented to the AHSS Postgraduate Conference (University of Limerick)

‘“I am going to talk sedition” militant rhetoric during the 1913 strike and lockout’ presented to the Crisis, Austerity and Resistance Conference (University of Limerick)
‘The “Home Rule Crisis” and the arming of the labour movement, 1913-14’ presented to the Cork Studies in the Irish Revolution: The Home Rule Crisis, 1912-14 (University College Cork)



The ‘Labour Hercules’: The Irish Citizen Army and Irish Republicanism, 1913-23 (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2019)

Other Journals

‘The ‘Home Rule Crises’ and the arming of the Labour movement, 1913-14’, in History Studies, 14 (2013), pp 11-28.