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John Cronin, aka John Jeremiah Cronin, initially graduated with an MA degree from NUI Galway. In 2007 he was awarded a PhD by the European University Institute, Florence. He currently works as a History lecturer with Dundalk Institute of Technology. He has been employed on the Irish-government sponsored “Irish Battlefields Project”, where he focussed on early-modern conflicts. He has also worked as a teaching assistant in NUI Galway, on the Oscail programme of Dublin City University, the Liberal Arts programme of Liberties College and the CDETB (indeed, he still contributes to this). He likewise has taught and lectured in Mary Immaculate College (University of Limerick), Carlow College, Trinity College Dublin and University College Dublin. He has, furthermore, overseen a number of local History projects in county Galway. The fruits of his research, which focuses on Irish elites and nobility, have been printed in Belgium, Canada, Britain, the US and Ireland. Most recently he has contributed to the New Cambridge History of Ireland and serves as the executive secretary of the IAPH.

Areas of expertise

Irish History, Early-modern Irish battles, military history, history of elites and nobility, Seventeenth century, duelling, Irish migration to Europe, the Stuarts, Reformation and Religion


military history, battles, nobility, elites, restoration, politics, early-modern, Ireland, Europe, migration, exile, duelling, Ireland, Irish, emigration, exile

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John Jeremiah Cronin (Professional Historian)

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Professional Historian



2001-2006: European University Institute (EUI), Florence: PhD in History. Defended May 2007.

1992-1999: NUI Galway: graduated MA in History, with a 1st class honours degree.

1988–1991: NUI Galway: graduated BA in History & Archaeology with a 2:1 degree.


SEPT. 2019-PRESENT: Lecturer in Irish and European History in Dundalk Institute of Technology.

JANUARY-MAY 2018: Employed as adjunct Professor of History by Trinity College Dublin. Lectured on the BA programme of St. Patrick's College, Carlow in this role.

FEB 2012- 2018: Part-time lecturer on the Evening Adult Education courses, in UCD. Responsible for preparing & teaching a course on From Plantations to Peace Process: A History of Ireland, 1534–1998, a course on the Irish in Early Modern Europe, and a courses on major figures in Irish History.

MAR 2016-SEPT 2016: Researcher with Eneclann

SEPT 2015-FEB 2016: Assistant Archivist with the Redemptorist Library Project.

SEPT 2014-JAN 2015: University College Dublin, Evening BA, adjunct Lecturer, in Early-Modern European History. Responsible for lecturing and examining B.A. students on Religion and Warfare in Early-Modern Europe

SEPT 2013-JAN 2014: Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick, Lecturer (temporary) in Early-Modern European History, Responsible for lecturing and examining B.A. and B.Ed. students in courses on Early-Modern Europe.

OCT 2012-SEPT 2013 (AND ALSO 2019-20): Trinity Access Programme & Liberal Arts programmes, in Liberties College, Dublin, City of Dublin VEC (CDVEC): Responsible for preparing students to study History at 3rd level, teaching, developing and assessing courses on 18th Century Ireland, the French Revolution, & WWI.

OCT 2007- SEPT 2011: Trinity Access Programme & Liberal Arts programmes, in Liberties College & Rathmines College, Dublin, City of Dublin VEC (CDVEC): Responsible for preparing students to study History and Politics at 3rd level, teaching, developing and assessing courses on Political Science, Reformation Europe, 17th Century Ireland, the French Revolution, Women’s History, & WWI.

FEB 2010: MA in Early Modern History, School of History and Archives in UCD: delivered a series of seminars entitled Legitimacy & Political Power. Irish nobles in the exiled Court of Charles II.

SPRING 2007: MA in History in NUI Galway: developed, taught, and assessed a 3 seminar series on The Royal Court in Early-Modern Europe.

1998-2000: Teacher with the Access Programme, Office of Adult & Continuing Education, NUI Galway: Prepared adults for studying History at 3rd level, developed, taught, and assessed a course on Early Modern Europe and the Enlightenment.

JULY 1997-2007: Tutor & Lecturer in Irish Studies Summer School with the Dept of History, NUI Galway: lectured on Irish History, from c. 1500-c. 1930 AD on this programme. I also developed and assessed this course.

1996-1998: Teaching Assistant (part-time) in the Dept of History, NUI Galway: Duties included tutoring & lecturing Early Modern & Modern Irish History, as well as marking assignments, essays & examinations.

1996-1998: Teaching Assistant (part-time) with the National Distance Education Centre, DCU: Duties included tutoring Early Modern European History, from c. 1500-1815 AD & marking assignments.

Consultancy work

2016: consultant on historic images for "Illusion of consensus" exhibition in Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick.

2015-2016: Script verification for IOS Design, working on display content for Epic Ireland, the museum of the Irish Diaspora

2014-2015: Content Consultant to Event Communications on Epic Ireland's project to establish a Museum dedicated to the Irish diaspora, specifically, advising on the content of the exhibition dedicated to the Military aspect of Ireland's diaspora. (https://epicchq.com/history-and-vision/)

2013: Consultancy work with the Lackagh Heritage Project, Galway

2008-2009: Full-time Researcher: with Eneclann Ltd, on the “Irish battlefields Project”, a Dept of the Environment-sponsored scheme. Researched & wrote over 100 reports on battles c. 1450-1798 AD, for purposes of publication, monument definition & preservation. This was done while simultaneously working with the CDVEC.

Management & Administrative experience

2001: Co-ordinator (Manager and Project Leader): Produced, co-edited, & co-wrote a local History publication, based on oral sources (see Publication List), on behalf of The Turloughmore heritage project & FÁS. Other duties included teaching computer and heritage skills, plus administration and community outreach work.

1999-2000: Assistant Co-ordinator (Assistant Manager): with East Galway Family History Society & FÁS. Duties included teaching Heritage, History, & computer skills, researching local histories & genealogies.


See employment History section, above

Outreach activities

See employment history section, and Management & administrative experience sections, above.

Committees & Associations

PRESENT: Executive Secretary & committee member for the Irish Association of Professional Historians.

FEB 2013: Member of the International Scientific Committee of the conference, entitled, Eminent Europeans of Irish Origin: The Impact of Ireland in Europe: An Historical Perspective, held at the Royal Irish Academy, Dublin, on 21-22 February, 2013.


1988: Awarded a student fellowship by NUI Galway to study a MA in History.

2001: Awarded a scholarship to complete my doctoral studies at the EUI, Florence

Other activities

Collquiua, Seminars, Conferences
Convenor/Organiser of the IAPH/DCLA Colloquium "Practising Public History: An introduction", held in the Gilbert Library, Dublin.
Convenor/Organiser of the IAPH Colloquium "The Archivist and the Historian", held in the Renehan Hall, Maynooth University. This explored various aspects of the relationship between archivists and historians and examined the possibilities for greater co-operation between both sets of professionals.

Media work
2016: provided expert opinion and filmed commentary for Dragonshead Production on the TV show, "The Medieval Dead" (season 3, episode 4, "Galloglass, warlords of Ireland")
2018: Provided expert commentary for the Near FM Radio show "A to Z of Historical Blunders. D is for Duelling". Podcast available at http://nearfm.ie/podcast/?p=26784



Blackmore, L., Cronin, John J., Ferrie, D. & Higgins, B. (eds), In Their Own Words: The Parish of Lackagh-Turloughmore & its People, Galway, Turloughmore History project, 2001.

Book Chapters

Cronin, John Jeremiah & Lenihan, Padraig, “Wars of Religion, 1641–1691” in Ohlmeyer, Jane (ed.), The Cambridge History of Ireland, vol. II, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2018, pp.246-70

“Monarchy and exile: The Political Activities of an Exiled Royal Court and the Role Played by its Irish Courtiers” in Mansel, Philip & Riotte, Torsten, Monarchy and exile. The politics of legitimacy from the Winter Queen to Wilhelm II, Palgrave Macmillan, 2011, pp.144-65.

“The Linen Industry in Loughrea in the Eighteenth & Nineteenth centuries”, in Forde, J., Cassidy C., Manzor, P., & Ryan, D. (eds), The District of Loughrea, Vol. I, History 1791-1918, Galway, Loughrea History Project, 2003, pp.63-74.

“A play supposedly fitter for the fire than for the stage: the fiction of Roger Boyle, first earl of Orrery & the re-casting of history”, in Dennehy, Coleman (ed.), Restoration Ireland; Always Settling and Never Settled Hampshire, Ashgate, 2008, pp.69-85.

“The Confederation of Kilkenny 1642-1649”, in Bradley, John & O’Dwyer, Michael (eds), Kilkenny through the centuries, Kilkenny, Kilkenny County Council, 2009, pp.218-53.

“Representing exiled royalists to the Spanish: The Irish courtiers of the exiled Caroline Stuart Court and the Spanish alliance of 1656-1660”, in Tostado, Igor Perez & Hernan, Enrique Garcia (eds), Irlanda Y El Atlántico Ibérico: Movilidad Y Participación (1580-1823), Valencia, Albatros, 2010, pp.165-77.

“The first independent command of the future military leader: Marlborough and the Williamite campaign in Cork, 1690” in McNamara, Robert (ed.), The Churchills and Ireland 1660-1965, Irish Academic Press, Dublin, 2011, pp. 33-50.

Peer Reviewed Journals

Loeber, L., Murtagh, H., & Cronin, J., “Prelude to confiscation: A survey of Catholic Estates in Leinster in 1690”, in Journal of the Royal Society of Antiquarians in Ireland, 131, 61-139.

“The courtier in exile: the life of Sir George Radcliffe within the banished Caroline Stuart Court, c.1649-1658”, in Journal of Historical Biography, 11, spring 2012. (Available to download at http://www.ufv.ca/jhb/Volume_11/Volume_11_Cronin.pdf)

“Violence and duelling between courtiers: the case of the Caroline Stuart court in exile, c. 1649-c. 1660”, in Crime, Histoire et Sociétés/Crimes, History and Societies, 17(2), December 2013, 47-69.

Other Journals

“Father James Stack CSsR: Chaplain in World War One”, in Reality, November 2018, 20-22.

“Representing exiled royalists to the Spanish: the Irish courtiers of Charles II’s exiled Stuart Court and the Spanish alliance of 1656-1660”, in Royal Stuart Journal, 9 (2018), 03-18.

“The Battle of Aughrim, 1603”, in The Journal of the Galway Archaeological & Historical Society, 69, 2017, 01-17.

“ ‘A Gentleman of a Good Family and Fortune’: John Eyre of Eyrecourt 1640-1685”, in The Journal of the Galway Archsaeological & Historical Society, 60, 2008, 88-115.

“The Battle of Aughrim, 1603”, in The Journal of the Galway Archaeological & Historical Society, 69, 2017, 01-17.

“Representing exiled royalists to the Spanish: the Irish courtiers of Charles II’s exiled Stuart Court and the Spanish alliance of 1656-1660”, in Royal Stuart Journal, 9 (2018), 03-18.

“Father James Stack CSsR: Chaplain in World War One”, in Reality, November 2018, 20-22.

Electronic Publications

Co-author of “Knockdoe (1504): the archaeological & historical significance of one of Ireland's great but forgotten battles”. (http://rmchapple.blogspot.ie/2014/03/knockdoe-1504-archaeological-historical.html)


“J.H. Ohlmeyer: Civil War & Restoration in the Three Stuart Kingdoms: The Career of Randal MacDonnell, Marquis of Antrim”, in Irish Studies Review, 10(2), 2002, 210-11.

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“Barry Robertson: Royalists at War in Scotland and Ireland, 1638–1650”, in Renaissance Quarterly, 68(2), Summer 2015, 699-701.