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Historiography, public history, ahistorical public history, twentieth century Irish political history, theory of Irish nationalism, the Irish revolutionary period


invented history, public history, ahistorical public history, ethnic cleansing in Ireland, southern Irish nationalism, fascism in Ireland, Michael Collins, Conor Cruise O'Brien, Free State, Bernard Lewis, Herbert Butterfield, Irish historians, 'Arms Crisis 1970', historiography, myth and history

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John M. Regan (Professional Historian)

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Professional Historian



Myth & The Irish State: Historical Problems and Other Essays (Irish Academic Press, 2013).

The Irish Counter-Revolution: treatyite politics and settlement in Independent Ireland 1921-36 (Gill and Macmillan, Dublin, St Martin’s Press, New York, 1999/2000), xvi + 475 pp.

John M. Regan & Mike Cronin (eds), Ireland: the politics of Independence 1922-49 (Macmillan, Basingstoke, 2000).

Book Chapters

‘Irish historians and das Herbert Butterfieldproblem’, in John M. Regan, Myth & The Irish State Irish historical problems and other essays (Irish Academic Press, 2013).

‘Introduction’ – in John M. Regan & Mike Cronin (eds), Ireland: the politics of Independence 1922-49 (Macmillan, Basingstoke, 2000), pp 1-16.

‘Kevin O’Higgins, Irish republicanism and the conservative counter-revolution’ in Padraig Lane and William Nolan (eds.) Laois: history and society (Geography Publications, Dublin, 2000), pp 627-656.

‘Michael Collins: the legacy and the intestacy’ in Dermot Keogh and Gabriel Doherty (eds), Michael Collins and the making of the Irish State (Mercier Press, Cork, 1998), pp 117-26.

Peer Reviewed Journals

‘The ‘O’Brien ethic’ as an interpretative problem’, Journal of British Studies, November 2013.

“The ‘Bandon Valley massacre’ as a historical problem’, History: the Journal of the Historical Society, 97/325 (Jan. 2012), pp 70-98.

‘Public histories as an historiographical problem’, Irish Historical Studies, 37/146 (Nov. 2010) pp 88-115.

‘Southern Irish nationalism as a historical problem’, Historical Journal, 50/1 (Mar. 2007), pp 197-223.

‘Michael Collins, general Commanding-in-Chief, as a historiographical problem’, History: the Journal of the Historical Society, 92/307 (July 2007), pp 318-346.

‘The politics of reaction: the dynamics of treatyite government and policy 1922-33’, Irish Historical Studies, 30/120 (Nov. 1997), pp 542-63.

Other Journals

‘Dr Jeykll & Mr Hyde: the two histories’ in History Ireland, 20/1 (January-February, 2012), pp 10-13

'Strangers in our midst: revolution and counter-revolution in twentieth century Ireland' Radharc, vol. 2. (Nov. 2001), (New York University Press), pp 55-64.

‘Looking again at Mick – Demilitarising Michael Collins’ in History Ireland, 3/3 (Autumn, 1995) pp 17-22.

Electronic Publications

academia.edu Homepage:



Review (3000 words, July 2004) of Peter Hart, The IRA at war 1916-1923 (Oxford, 2003). http://www.history.ac.uk/reviews/paper/regan.html

Review (3000 words, Mar. 2007) of Fearghal McGarry, Eoin O’Duffy: a self made hero (Oxford, 2005). http://www.history.ac.uk/reviews/paper/reganJ.html

Review (8,000 words, Dec. 2008) of Richard English, Irish freedom: the history of nationalism in Ireland (Macmillan, 2006). http://www.history.ac.uk/reviews/paper/regan2.html

‘The History of the Last Atrocity’, Dublin Review of Books, June 2012.

‘A response to Dr Eve Morrison’, Dublin Review of Books, February 2013.


Conference & Seminar Papers

‘The problem with southern nationalism’, paper delivered to the Contemporary History Seminar, Trinity College Dublin, May 2005.

‘The problem with Mr de Valera’, paper delivered at the ‘De Valera, thirty years on’ Conference, University College Dublin, September 2005.

‘Public histories in the Irish republic’ paper delivered at the Association for Political Studies, Queen’s University Belfast, October 2005.

‘Partition as a historiographical problem’ delivered to the Ulster Society for Irish Historical Studies 70th Anniversary Symposium, Queen’s University Belfast, March 2006.

‘Democratizing the Irish state’, delivered to the Irish politics colloquium at the London School of Economics, November 2006.

‘The Northern Ireland crisis and the creation of a new public history’ delivered to the History and the Public Conference University of Wales at Swansea, April 2007.

‘The ‘Irish Revolution’ as a historical problem’, delivered to the Irish Studies Seminar, University of Aberdeen, October 2008.

‘The meanings of Irish liberalism’ invited paper to the Irish studies seminar, Senate House, University of London, 4 Mar. 2011.

‘Sectarianism and modern Irish historiography’, invited paper to the ‘Protestant identities’ Conference, hosted by the Sociology Department, University College Cork, 26-7 May 2011.

‘The Bandon Valley massacre revisited’, invited paper for the ‘Making sense of violence: Interdisciplinary approaches to interpersonal violence: past and present’, Conference, University of Berne, Switzerland, 7-11 Sep. 2011.

‘The Bandon Valley massacre revisited’, invited paper Contemporary History Seminar, Trinity College Dublin, 28 September, 2011.

‘Conor Cruise O’Brien and the meanings of Irish liberalism’, Diarmuid Whelan memorial lecture (invited), University College Cork, 17 Oct. 2011.

‘The Bandon Valley massacre (1922) revisited’, (invited) History Research Seminar, NUI Maynooth, 20 Oct. 2011.

‘Michael Collins and the July-August 1922 military dictatorship as an ongoing historical problem’, paper delivered to the Art of Leadership Conference, 27-8 October 2011, National University of Ireland Maynooth.

History Ireland ‘Hedge School’ debate on the sectarianism and war of independence discussion with Professor David Fitzpatrick, TCD, Dr Eve Morrison, TCD, Dr John Borgonovo UCC, and Dr John M. Regan, National Library of Ireland, Dublin, 11 January 2012.

Public lecture ‘The Bandon Valley massacre’ revisited’, Imperial Hotel, Cork 28 April 2012. A one day public conference organised with colleagues at University College Cork.