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Conquest and land in Ireland: the transplantation to Connacht, 1649-1680 (Royal Historical Society Studies in History, new series, lxxxii, 2011)

John Cunningham (ed.), Early modern Ireland and the world of medicine: practitioners, collectors and contexts (Manchester, 2019)

Book Chapters

'The 1641 rebellion in County Westmeath', in Westmeath: History and Society, ed. Seamus O'Brien (forthcoming)

'A scramble for Ireland: Cromwell and the land settlement', in Cromwell and Ireland: new perspectives, ed. Bennett, Martyn, Gillespie, Raymond, and Spurlock, R. Scott (forthcoming, 2021)

'Introduction', in Cunningham, ed., Early Modern Ireland and the world of medicine: practitioners, collectors and contexts

'Sickness, disease and medical practitioners in 1640s Ireland' in Cunningham, ed., Early Modern Ireland and the world of medicine: practitioners, collectors and contexts

'Politics, 1641-1660', in Jane Ohlmeyer, ed., The Cambridge History of Ireland: vol. 2, Early Modern Ireland, 1550-1730 (Cambridge, 2018)

The history of medicine in early modern Ireland: some problems and opportunities’, in Sarah Covington, Valerie McGowan-Doyle and Vincent Carey (eds), New directions in early modern Irish history (New York, 2019)

‘The New English, the past and the law in the 1640s: Sir William Parsons's “Examen Hiberniae”’, in Coleman Dennehy (ed.), Law and revolution in seventeenth-century Ireland (Irish Legal History Society, forthcoming, 2019)

‘Cromwellian County Mayo’, in Gerard Moran and Nollaig Ó Muraíle, eds., Mayo: history and society (Dublin, 2014), 207-28

‘1641 and the shaping of Cromwellian Ireland’, in Eamon Darcy, Annaleigh Margey and Elaine Murphy, eds., The 1641 depositions and the Irish rebellion (London, 2012), 155-67

‘The Gookin-Lawrence pamphlet debate and transplantation in Cromwellian Ireland’, in Ciara Breathnach, Liam Chambers, Catherine Lawless and Anthony McElligott, eds., Power in history: from the medieval to the post-modern world (Historical Studies xxvii, 2011), 63-80

Peer Reviewed Journals

'Who framed Charles I? The forged commission for the Irish rebellion of 1641 revisited', English Historical Review (forthcoming, 2021)

'Milton, John Hall and Thomas Waring's Brief Narration of the Rebellion in Ireland', Milton Quarterly, 53(2) (2019), 69-85

'Anatomising Irish Rebellion: the Cromwellian Delinquency Commissions, the Books of Discrimination and the 1641 Depositions', Irish Historical Studies, xl (2016), 22-42

‘Divided conquerors: Cromwell’s army, the Rump parliament and Ireland, 1649-1653’, English Historical Review, cxxix (2014), 830-61

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‘The transplanters’ certificates and the historiography of Cromwellian Ireland’, Irish Historical Studies, xxxvii (2011), 376-95

‘Oliver Cromwell and the “Cromwellian” settlement of Ireland’, Historical Journal, liii (2010), 919-37

Other Journals

‘Cromwell and the Irish land settlement’, Cromwelliana: the Journal of the Cromwell Association, 3rd ser., no. 3 (2014), 50-63


Review of David Brown, Empire and enterprise: money, power and the adventurers for Irish land in the British civil wars (Manchester, 2020), The Seventeenth Century, xxxv (2020), 835-6.

Review of Salvador Ryan and Clodagh Tait (eds), Religion and politics in urban Ireland, c. 1500- c. 1750: essays in honour of Colm Lennon (Dublin 2016), in Urban History, xliv (2017), 575-77

Review of Robert Armstrong, Protestant war: the ‘British’ of Ireland and the Wars of the Three Kingdoms (Manchester 2005), in Irish Studies Review, xvii (Nov. 2009), 519-20

Review of Kevin Costello, The court of admiralty of Ireland, 1575-1893 (Dublin 2011), in Irish Historical Studies, xxxviii (2012), 137-8