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Currently, I am a PhD candidate in the School of Histories and Humanities, Trinity College Dublin. I have previously obtained a Batchelor of Joint Honours from DCU, with my final year dissertation analysing the Leinster lordship of William Marshal. I also have a MA in History from DCU, which looked at the first century of the Anglo-Norman invasion through the Irish Annals 1167-1267.
Currently my research focuses on the lordship of Leinster from Strongbow to the Marshal partition, a phenomenal source that has been majorly under-utilised. Pivotal to this research is the settlement of English Leinster and the flourishing economy that it fostered.
In addition to my historical research I am interested in teaching methodologies, and encouraging a balance between academic studies and an individual's physical and mental health.

Areas of expertise

My areas of expertise are the English conquest of Ireland, the trade and economy in medieval Ireland, insular perspectives, encastellation and medieval settlement.

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John Marshall

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Graduate Historian



2016-19 BAJH in DCU
2019-20 MA in History in DCU
2020-Current PhD Researcher at TCD

Consultancy work

I am currently an external reviewer for Past Tense Graduate Review of History, University of Toronto. As part of this role I review submitted papers relating to my expertise of medieval Ireland and its conquest, economy and settlement.

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Member of The Royal Society of Antiquaries Ireland
Member of the Forum for Medieval and Renaissance studies in Ireland
Member of the Group for the Study of Irish Historic Settlement
Member of DU history
Member of The Rower Local History Group

Other activities

I gave a paper at the Irish History Students Associations annual conference in UCD on 29 February 2020 titled 'The first century of the Anglo-Norman invasion through the Irish Annals 1167-1267'.