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Anthony Keating is a senior lecturer and programme lead for the BSC (Hons) Psychosocial Analysis of Offending Behaviour. He joined Edge Hill in 2007 following a career as a social worker (children and families/youth justice/Traveller community), policy officer (Irish Mental Health Commission) and as a deputy director/director of a youth custody centre, during which time he was appointed to a ministerial expert group on the youth courts in Ireland. Laterly, as a Government of Ireland Postdoctoral Research Fellow, researching the history of sexual crime in Ireland. His publications have focused on sexual crime, child abuse, child welfare, state censorship/radical journalism and abusive institutions. Current research interests include, terror and terrorism and the racist right, children’s protest movements and the use of creative writing by/with offenders and the victims of crime.

Areas of expertise

Crime/ crime history/ state crime/sexual crime/child abuse/the racist right/ terror and terrorism/political ideology/ institutional care/censorship/ crime and the media/history of children's agency-activism.

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Anthony Keating (Professional Historian)

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Professional Historian



PhD, 2002. Dublin City University.
MSc. Applied Social Studies. 1991. University of Oxford.
MA. Creative Writing. 2013. Edge Hill University.
BA (Hons) 2:1. Politics and Government. 1988. City Of London Polytechnic (CNAA).
PG Dip. Child Forensic Studies, Psychology & Law. 2000. University of Leeds

Cert Ed teaching qualification, post compulsory. 1989. Garnett College, London (CNAA).


Senior Lecturer, Psychosocial Analysis of Offending Behaviour, Faculty of Health and Social care, Edge Hill University, Lancashire, UK.

Management & Administrative experience

Programme Leader, BSc (Hons) Psychosocial Analysis of Offending Behaviour.


Crime history, politics of crime, social policy, intentional aspects of crime, study skills, research methods. Terror and terrorism (ideology and Praxis)

Research supervision:

Director of studies for PhD candidate Gergana Genava: Human trafficking and modern-day slavery
MRes thesis supervision for Nigel Kelleher: Radicalization as a safeguarding issue.

Committees & Associations

Member of the British Association of Irish Studies.
Member of the British Society of Criminology
Member of the Irish Newspaper and Periodical Forum of Ireland
Member of the Irish Association of Professional Historians


2003-2005 Government of Ireland Post-Doctoral Research Fellow in the Humanities and Social Sciences, researching sexual crime in Ireland 1922-1972.

2017 RIF: £4380. Big Woods: A qualitative study exploring children’s engagement in campaigning to save a play area and its impact on active citizenship and community cohesion.



1. Keating, A. (2014) The Ghost Orchard: Poems Lost and Found. Dublin: The Swan Press.

Book Chapters

1. Keating, A. (2015). Criminal Libel, Censorship and Contempt of Court: D.C. Boyd’s Editorship of the Waterford Standard. In, Rafter, K & O’Brien, M (Eds), The State in Transition: Essays in Honour of John Horgan. Dublin: Gill & McMillan. 213-234.

2. Keating, A. (2017) Police Culture, Gender and Crime in the Irish Free State. In Leonard, L (Ed) Environmental Criminology: Spatial Analysis and Regional Issues (Advances in Sustainability and Environmental Justice). Bingley: Emerald. 87-102.

3. Keating, A (2018). James W. Upton: activist, editor and the forgotten journalist of 1916 In Kenneally, I & O’Donnell, J (Eds) The Irish Regional Press, 1892-2012. Dublin: Four Courts (In press-2018) 5500 words.

4. Keating, A. (2018) The Ideology and Mechanics of Ignorance: Child Abuse in Ireland 1922-1973. In Barton, A & Davis, H.(Eds) Agnotology, Power and Harm: The Study of Ignorance and The Criminological Imagination’. 9000 words.

Peer Reviewed Journals

1. Keating, A. (1999) What’s Justice got to do with it? The misuse of Irish Young Offenders Centers. Journal of the Irish Association of Care workers (Curam). Page needed.

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15. . Keating, T. (2017 (C) )Saving Tammoland: A Microhistory Of Children's Action To Save A Waste-ground Playground-1965-1968. International Journal of Play, 6 (2). pp. 215-231.

Other Journals

1. Keating, A. (2012) A shot across the bows of journalism in the Irish Free State. History Ireland. Volume 20, Issue 5. 40-42

2. Keating, A & Reynolds, M. Letting Sleeping Dogs Lie: The Unpublished Silver Jubilee History Of the Gaelic Athletic Association. History Ireland (May/June 2018). 1800 words.

3. Keating, A. (2018) Tammoland: a children’s campaign to save their playground, and the birth of the Ingestre Road Estate. Camden History Review (42).

4. Keating, A. (2018) Ensuring Catholic Hegemony: Literary Censorship in the Irish Free State. The Irish Freethinker & Humanist. November-December, 6-7.

Electronic Publications

1. McGill Magazine. Interview in regard to Irish Young Offenders Centers. 2001.

2. Raidió Teilifís Éireann (RTE). Television/Radio News. 2004-2007 Interviews in relation to the abuse of children by members of religious orders.

3. Sex & Censorship in Waterford. RTE Radio 1. The History Show. March 25, 2012. Interview relating to research on censorship.

4. Keating, A. (2012) Infamous Court Case against Crusading Editor. Munster Express (August 3).

5. Interview on Breakfast show regarding sexual crime WLR FM March 25, 2012. http://www.wlrfm.com/

6. BBC Radio Lancashire Breakfast Show. May 3, 2013: Interview relating to social attitudes regarding predatory sexual behavior and the abuse of children by celebrities.

7. Print and be damned. Television documentary. TV3 Ireland: Academic consultancy & interviewed on my work relating to newspaper censorship for episode 2 of this 4-part. The series was broadcast in the August of 2013. My work on the documentary was cited in the Times Higher Educational Supplement.


Conferences/invited presentations.

Refereed conference contributions:
1. The Irish Story of Isaac. The Local and Global: Contested Terrains. Dublin City University, 24-25 September 2004. http://staff.spd.dcu.ie/oreillym/download/idec/The%20Local%20and%20the%20Global%202004.pdf

2. D.C. Boyd and the Waterford Standard, IPNHS Conference. Journalism & Dissent. Kingston University, London. Nov 2012.

3. The Irish Regional Press, James W. Upton and Honesty. Dublin City University, December, 2014.

Non-refereed conference contributions
1. A Shot Across the bow of the Irish Press: Sexual Crime and the Censorship of Publications Act 1929. Trinity College Dublin, Centre for Contemporary Irish History Seminars. 2006. http://www.tcd.ie/trinitylongroomhub/events/archive/

2. Appearance and reality the level and nature of the reporting of sexual crime in the Irish Free State. Dublin City University, School of Communications Seminar Series. 2007.

Invited presentations.
1. The abuse of Children in Irish Institutions, Post 1922. Glucksman House, New York University, Public Lecture Series, 2006.

2. The Bishop and the Editor. Frank Edwards Memorial Lecture at Waterford Institute of Technology. March 2012.

3. D.C. Boyd and the Waterford Standard. Imagine Arts, History and Culture Festival. Waterford, October 2013. http://waterfordarts.com/2013/10/16/history-heritage-at-imagine/

4. ‘An unflinching Idealism: The Life and Journalism of James W Upton’ (author of Pearse’s propaganda sheet in Easter week 1916). Waterford Museum, September 2016. http://www.waterfordtreasures.com/news/waterford-treasures-talks-2016-dr.-anthony-keating#

5. ‘Censorship and Catholic Power in the Irish Free State’. Summer Conference of the Irish Freethinkers and Humanists, Carlingford Heritage Centre, Co Louth. 25-26 August 2018. http://irishfreethinkers.com/dynamic_content.php?id=157