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Having worked for 30 years as a Clinical Biochemist in a Dublin Hospital, I took early retirement in 2008 and returned to Trinity College, Dublin, to do a BA in History. I graduated in 2012 and am now doing a PhD under Prof. Anne Dolan.

Areas of expertise

Origin, growth, decline and resurgence of the Sinn Féin organisation, 1900-1918.
Political currents within the Irish Republican Brotherhood (IRB), 1900-1916.
Advanced nationalist newspapers: United Irishman, Sinn Féin, The Republic, The Peasant, Irish Nation, Irish Freedom and Nationality.
Irish Volunteers: its founding, the Redmond takeover, the split of September 1914 and internal politics 1914-1916.
The Third Home Rule Bill, especially its financial aspects.


20th century Ireland, twentieth century Ireland, political, nationalist, nationalism, republican, republicanism, Irish republicanism, Sinn Fein, Irish Republican Brotherhood, IRB, Arthur Griffith, Bulmer Hobson, Tom Kelly, Thomas Kelly, Irish Volunteers, Eoin MacNeill, Easter Rising, 1916, Tom Clarke, Thomas Clarke, Sean MacDermott, Patrick Pearse, Eamonn Ceannt, Thomas MacDonagh, Joseph Plunkett, Joe Plunkett, James Connolly.

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Peter Brown (Graduate Historian)

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Graduate Historian



Irish Research Council postgraduate scholarship (2013-2015)


Other Journals

'How revolutionary were the Irish Volunteers?', History Ireland, 21:6 (November/December 2013)