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I live and work in County Monaghan.

Areas of expertise

My research examines the history of the Irish border with a focus on security. Although my published research looked at the border during the 'troubles', I am currently researching political violence along the border in the 1920's.


Irish border, security policy, partition, political violence.

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Patrick Mulroe

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Professional Historian



PhD in Politics from University of Ulster (2016)
MA in International Relations from Dublin City University (2007)
Higher Diploma in Education from Trinity College, Dublin (2002)
BA in Economic and Social Studies from Trinity College Dublin (1999)



Bombs, Bullets and the Border: Policing Ireland’s Frontier: Irish Security Policy 1969-1978 (Dublin: Irish Academic Press, 2017).

Book Chapters

‘Moving away from the Bandit Country myth’ in Ireland and Partition: contexts and consequences, Neil Fleming and James H. Murphy (eds.), (Clemson University Press, 2021).

Peer Reviewed Journals

‘The most notorious trouble spot along the entire border’: exploring the dynamics of political violence in an Irish border town, 1971–1974, Irish Political Studies, (published online November 2019).

“Review: Without a Dog's Chance: The Nationalists of Northern Ireland and the Irish Boundary Commission, 1920–1925,” Irish Historical Studies (pending).

“Review: From Partition to Brexit: The Irish government and Northern Ireland,” Irish Historical Studies, 43(163), 170-171.

“Review: Policing Twentieth Century Ireland: A History of An Garda Síochána,” Irish Political Studies Volume 31, Issue 2 (June 2016).


Review: The intelligence war against the IRA (Thomas Leahy), History Ireland, (June 2020).

Review: Soldiering Against Subversion: the Irish Defence Forces and internal security during the Troubles, 1969–1998 (Dan Harvey), Books Ireland, No. 383 (JANUARY/FEBRUARY 2019), pp. 32-33.

Review: An Army of Tribes: British Army cohesion, deviancy and murder in Northern Ireland by Edward Burke, Books Ireland, No. 380 (JULY/AUGUST 2018), pp. 28-29