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1916 Rising, Decade of Centenaries, Commemorating conflict, exhibiting difficult subject matter in museum exhibitions, displaying death, material culture of death, cultural memory of the Irish Revolution, Commemorating the 1916 Rising and World War One in Northern Ireland, Irish museum sector, museum collections of the Irish Revolution, Irish art history, Glasnevin Cemetery and Museum, burial customs, Bloody Sunday in Croke Park (1920), Michael Hogan,


museums commemoration 1916 Easter Rising Decade of Centenaries Display culture Death provenance research national cultural institutions Gaelic Athletic Association memory studies Irish Revolution conflict national identity exhibitions collections representation cemeteries burial death customs Bloody Sunday Michael Collins sport history GAA sports tragedies martyrdom heroism Northern Ireland art history cultural memory

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Siobhán Doyle

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Professional Historian



PhD in Museums, Death and Commemoration, Technological University Dublin.

BA (Hons) Visual and Critical Studies (now called BA Contemporary Visual Culture), Dublin Institute of Technology.


Inventory Assistant, National Museum of Ireland, Collins Barracks. November 2020-Present.

Tutor, Technological University Dublin, March 2018-Present.


Occasional lecturer, Graduate School of Creative Arts and Media, Technological University Dublin, September 2020 – Present.
Teaching Assistant, Exhibiting Memory (BA module), Technological University Dublin, January 2018 – Present.

Teaching Assistant, Everyday Objects (BA module), Technological University Dublin, January 2017 – Present.

Teaching Assistant, Whose History? (BA module), Technological University Dublin, January 2017 – Present

Committees & Associations

Culture and Advisory Heritage Panel, Dublin City Council Culture Company, November 2018 – Present.

ACCESS Local Group, URBACT European group, November 2020 – Present.


Early Career Research Award, Digital Repository of Ireland, 2020.

Dean of School of Creative Arts & Tourism PhD Scholarship Award, Dublin Institute of Technology, 2016.

Best Original Thesis, Dublin Institute of Technology, 2014.


Book Chapters

“Contested Memories: Commemorating the First World War in the Ulster Museum, Belfast.” In Paul Cornish and Nicholas Saunders (eds) Curating the Great War. London: Imperial War Museum, forthcoming 2021.

“Funerary Traditions and Commemorative Practices in Glasnevin Cemetery and Museum.” In Grave Matters: Death and Dying in Dublin, 1500 to the Present, edited by Lisa-Marie Griffith and Ciarán Wallace, 150-158. Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2016.

Peer Reviewed Journals

“The Bullet in the Brick: The Materiality of Conflict in Museum Objects.” Arms and Armour 16, no.1 (2019): 105-116.

“James Connolly’s Bloodstained Vest: Mediating Death and Violence in Commemorative Exhibitions.” Remembrance and Solidarity Studies Journal 6 (2018): 45-59.

Other Journals

“Annie Burke’s Glasses: A New Lens from which to View Bloody Sunday, 1920,” History Ireland 28, no.6 (2020): 37.

Electronic Publications

“Negotiating the Challenges of Working with Visual Material: Archives, Cultural Institutions and Digital Collections,” Digital Repository of Ireland, October 2020, https://dri.ie/negotiating-challenges-working-visual-material-archives-cultural-institutions-and-digital.

“Personalization of Modern Mourning in Museums and Public Spaces,” Social History Society Blog, September 2020, https://socialhistory.org.uk/shs_exchange/personalization-of-modern-mourning/.

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