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Book Chapters

‘In the Service of Two Masters: Irish translators as power mediators and nationalist agitators in Revolutionary France, 1792-1798’, in Jean-Philippe Genêt (ed), Traduction et Culture: France et îles Britanniques (Paris: Garnier, 2018), 203-224.

‘Matty and the Daffs: The family life of Theobald Wolfe Tone in exile’ (1795-1798), in M. Hatfield, J. Kruse & R. Nic Congáil (eds.), Historical perspectives on parenthood and childhood in Ireland (Arlen House, 2018), 23-43.

Where Crown met Town The Presence of Lay Catholics, and the Uncrowned Monarch of Ireland in the Chamber, c. 1795-1845’, in Myles Campbell & William Derham, (eds), Making Majesty The Throne Room at Dublin Castle a Cultural History (Dublin, OPW & Irish Academic Press, 2017), 160-199.

‘Paris, 1796: Birthplace of the first Irish Republic? Tone’s mission to France and Irish Sovereignty’ in Pierre Joannon & Kevin Whelan (eds) Paris, Capital of Irish Culture (Dublin, Four Courts Press, 2017), 77-90.

Initiating insurgencies abroad : French plans to 'chouannise' Britain and Ireland, 1793–1798, in Beatrice Heuser (ed), Small Wars & Insurgencies in Theory and Practice 1500-1850 (Abingdon, Oxon & New York, 2016) 48-63.

Tone and the French expeditions to Ireland, 1796-1798 : Total War, or Liberation? in Pierre Serna, Antonino De Francesco, & Judith Miller (eds), Republics at war, 1776-1840 : revolutions, conflicts, and geopolitics in Europe and the Atlantic world (War, culture and society, 1750-1850) (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013), 83-103.

La Paix au Château ? L’occupation française de l’Irlande en 1798 : traduction, accommodements, perceptions de l’autre’, in J. F. Chanet, Annie Crépin & Cr. Windler (eds), Les Temps de Hommes Doubles Les arrangements face à l’occupation, de la Révolution française à la guerre de 1870 (Rennes, Presses Universitaires 2013), 213-230.

'Vive la pain bis et la liberté!' : Voyages et apprentissages de Théobald Wolfe Tone, révolutionnaire irlandais dans la France Directoriale (1796-1798), et autres chassés-croisés anglophones, in Gilles Bertrand & Pierre Serna (eds), La République en voyage: 1770-1830 (Rennes: Presses universitaires de Rennes, 2013), 337-350.

‘'Amidst Clamour and Confusion' : Civilian and Military Linguists at War in the Franco-Irish Campaigns Against Britain (1792-1804)’, in Hilary Footitt & Michael Kelly (eds), Languages and the military: alliances, occupation and peace building, Palgrave studies in languages at war (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012) 25-46.

‘Libérer ou exploiter ? L'Irlande dans la stratégie diplomatique et militaire de la France (1792-1805)’, in Les horizons de la politique extérieure française : stratégie diplomatique et militaire dans les régions périphériques et les espaces seconds (XVIe -XXe siècles), ed. by Dessberg, Frédéric and Schnakenbourg, Éric, Enjeux internationaux, 15 (Bruxelles: Peter Lang, 2011), 283-296.

‘"Un Brave de plus" : Theobald Wolfe Tone, alias Adjutant-general James Smith : French officer and Irish patriot adventurer’, in Franco-Irish military connections, 1590-1945, ed. by N. Genet-Rouffiac & David Murphy (Dublin: Four Courts, 2009), 63-88.
‘What did the French ever do for us? Or, some thoughts on French archives as realms of Irish memory’, in Jane Conroy & Pierre Joannon (eds), Franco-Irish connections : essays, memoirs and poems in honour of Pierre Joannon (Dublin: Four Courts, 2009) 171-184.

‘Sorrow and Celebration in the Paris Diary of Theobald Wolfe Tone (1796-1798)’, in Considere-Charon, Marie-Claire, Laplace, Philippe & Savaric, Michel (eds.), The Irish celebrating : festive and tragic overtones (Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars, 2008) 72-85.

“'Unhappy is the man and nation whose destiny depends on the will of another' : social and linguistic perspectives on Robert Emmet's mission to France” in Anne Dolan, Darryl Jones & Patrick Geoghegan (eds) Reinterpreting Emmet : essays on the life and legacy of Robert Emmet (Dublin: University College Dublin Press, 2007) 56-76.

‘Pardon my French : the linguistic trials and tribulations of Theobald Wolfe Tone’, in Grace Neville & Eamon Maher (eds) France-Ireland: anatomy of a relationship Studies in history, literature and politics (Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 2004) 295-310.

‘The Accidental Tourist : Theobald Wolfe Tone's secret mission to Paris, 1796’, in Jane Conroy (ed) Cross-cultural travel : papers from the Royal Irish Academy Symposium on Literature and Travel, National University of Ireland, Galway, November 2002 (New York: Peter Lang, 2003) 121-130.

Other Journals

Platform: ‘Time to decommission ‘Wolfe’ Tone at Bodenstown?’ History Ireland (Sept-Oct, 2018), 14-15.

‘Scenes of Gaiety now filled with beds’: Dublin Castle’s Viceregal apartments as a Red Cross military hospital’, History Ireland 24/4 (July/Aug 2016), 6-7.

Electronic Publications

Sylvie Kleinman, ‘Practice before policy : Translation and translators in French military strategy on Ireland 1792-1804’, in Lieven D’Hulst & Michael Schreiber (eds.) Parallèles 29/1 (April, 2017)

‘Rhétorique de la souveraineté nationale irlandaise: Théobald Wolfe Tone et la République française, 1796-1798’ in La Révolution française 11 / 2016 La France et l’Irlande à l’époque de la république atlantique http://lrf.revues.org/1656
LRF is a scholarly peer-reviewed e-journal published by the Institut d’histoire de la Révolution française (Université de Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne).

Un Brave de plus La carrière militaire de Theobald Wolfe Tone, héros du nationalisme irlandais et officier français 1796-1798, Revue Historique des Armées 253/4 (2008), 55-65.
‘A Rough Guide to Revolutionary Paris : Wolfe Tone as an accidental tourist’, History Ireland, 16, 2 (2008) 34-39.

‘Ambassador incognito and Accidental Tourist : Cultural Perspectives on Theobald Wolfe Tone's Mission to France, 1796–8’, Journal of Irish and Scottish Studies, 2, 1 (2008) 101-122.

‘French connection II: Robert Emmet and Malachy Delaney's memorial to Napoleon Bonaparte, 1800’, History Ireland, 11, 3 (2003) 29-33.