Becoming a Member

Membership of the IAPH is open to historians trained or working in Ireland as well as international historians and scholars with an expertise or interest in historical studies. The IAPH provides a platform and an affiliation for historians working across all fields, operating inside and outside the academy. We accept applications from both professional and graduate historians. Prospective members should,

  • in the case of professional historians, hold a PhD or have made a significant contribution to the field of history;[1]
  • in the case of graduate historians, hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and be enrolled in a PhD programme in history or a cognate subject
  • The association is committed to developing an active community and members are strongly encouraged to email the committee with ideas for future events and development.

Membership Benefits

The membership benefits of the IAPH include:

  • Affiliation to an association of professional historians;
  • Access to and advertisement through a personal and updateable profile page hosted on the IAPH website;
  • Access to professional development training, subsidised by the association;
  • Access to IAPH networking events.
  • Opportunities to apply for IAPH Conference and Professional Development bursaries.
  • Access to a range of discounts from publishers of history texts, magazines, etc.

Membership Rates

Membership of the IAPH is renewable annually. Annual fees are:

  • Professional historian (€50)
  • Professional historian (early career[2] /unwaged, €25)
  • Professional historian (Significant contribution to your scholarly field – Applications will be peer reviewed, €50)
  • Graduate historian (€25)

[1] Applications from professional historians who do not hold a PhD will be peer reviewed. For further details click here.

[2] Early Career members include those who have recently completed a Phd (within the last five years) and postdoctoral researchers.

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